We are all blessed with a powerful ego-mind that is meant to be a tool for safety and survival in the physical world. Unfortunately, the ego-mind has a life of its own, complete with drama, stories, interpretations, conclusions, and judgments—many of which are directed at ourselves. We may find ourselves believing mental stories about us that are limiting, restrictive, and often quite nasty—all the more so in the context of unpleasant external circumstances like we are experiencing in the world today. These stories can get so loud in our heads that we actually forget who we really are, and sometimes even reject our true nature. This dynamic definitely makes the notion of “self-acceptance” difficult to say the least! In this episode, you’ll learn about radical self-acceptance, a powerful process for short-circuiting the ego-mind into silence so that you can enhance your self-acceptance while remaining authentic and true to who you really are.

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